Monday, May 5, 2008 ~ 0 Comments

Still life with junk

Well, that was... interesting. I decided to approach this a bit more methodically - I've started with the junk drawer in the far corner of the kitchen, and I'm going to work my way around the room. And I've run in to a couple of technical and philosophical problems along the way.

The technical problem is that I only have a 4x6 scanner, and that means I either draw small, or I scan in pieces. I used the patchwork approach for this post, and as you can see, the results were - interesting. I kinda like it, although it certainly wasn't what I was aiming for. And don't get me started on the fact that it took three days to even get this far.

I need a Mac. And a Cintiq.

The philosophical problem comes from the items themselves. What the heck am I doing with all this stuff? OK, corn cob holders - I guess I use them once or twice a year. But I also have a thingy for cutting open plastic milk bags. I never buy milk in bags. The bottle opener is a souvenir (from Malta) but we never use it, as we have several others. Same with the corkscrew. A washer and a pipe joint that I can't identify, a grip from a cheap plastic mandolin I don't own anymore, a strainer from my electric kettle that I removed because it kept falling out (but somehow I couldn't get it as far as the garbage, which is closer to the kettle than the junk drawer!?!), batteries of dubious usefulness, a lock , a bag of rivets (rivets? when was the last time I riveted anything?) an outlet... extender?

Good Lord. Now that I've drawn them - I'm getting rid of them. Except the corn cob holders. And the Malta souvenirs.

Does anyone want some rivets?