Sunday, June 29, 2008 ~ 0 Comments

Sketchy Pots

OK, that took a bit longer than I thought it would, but I had to wash the pots before I could draw the pots....

You're laughing at me, aren't you?

Anyway, a sketchier approach again - it still needs work, but it seems appropriate for the "farm team" of pots - they're not bad, just not in the same league as the Paderno pots.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008 ~ 0 Comments

Favorite pots

These are my favorite pots - made by Paderno. Tomorrow I'll draw my less favorite pots (because I can't afford to have all Paderno pots...)

I'm going to keep things sketchier for the next few posts, both to loosen up my drawing, and to save some time - I'm not getting anything else done while I work on this blog, and I don't think I'm about to make any money off these pages...

Monday, June 23, 2008 ~ 0 Comments

Magic in the kitchen

I love my Magic Bullet - I use it all the time. This stuff came with it - I just shoved it all to the back of the cupboard, because I know I'll never use a juicer. I can barely remember to drink the juice I've bought and have sitting in the fridge.

And if I'd wanted a blender... I'd have bought a blender. Not a Magic Bullet.

But the Magic Bullet rocks.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008 ~ 0 Comments

And now for a short break

I won't be able to post for a few days, so in the meantime, why not check out Gurney Journey? Everything you ever wanted to know about the golden age of illustration, Academy painters, and how to deal with random Mormons. And check out the Art by Comittee section - I have several drawings there, include one this week!


A linear approach

I decided to do this one a bit differently - concentrating on lines instead of shading. It needs some work, but I think the approach has some possiblilites.

And for those of you who were wondering - it's a rice cooker. With lots of extra accesories (it's the second one we've owned, and we kept the old bowls).

Tuesday, June 17, 2008 ~ 0 Comments

Space Light

Well, I drew everything in the junk drawer. And then I bought this, and put it in the junk drawer, so I had to draw it, so I would still have everything in the junk drawer drawn.

Make sense?

No, it's not a space alien. It's a flashlight - each leg holds three AA batteries, and the flashlight can run off one, two, or three legs - so it will still work even if you're short on batteries. Cool, huh?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008 ~ 2 Comments

Uni-tasker Sandwich Grill

It's not just that it's a uni-tasker - it's that it's so bloody difficult to clean. You can't just throw it in the dishwasher. Which I think needs to be the new criteria for anything in the kitchen - "Can it be thrown in the dishwasher?"

If not, I shouldn't even bother.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008 ~ 0 Comments

A Different Point of View

I have a new shadow box - more precisely, a new shadow shelf. Of course, clearing off a shelf to make room for stuff to draw means I no longer have any room for my clothes. Oh well. Art over fashion!

And the Kitchen Art continues - a plastic strainer (ridiculously difficult to find -most strainers are metal, and rust), along with a couple of orphan metal bowls and a small strainer specifially for tinned food that I always forget I have.

Saturday, June 7, 2008 ~ 0 Comments

White and blue and black...

... cutting boards. A recent purchase (the white and black ones - I've has the blue one for a few years). I had some wooden ones, but since I keep throwing them in the dishwasher, they're cracked and warped. Yes, I know I should just stop throwing my wooden cutting boards in the dishwasher.

Not gonna happen. I got plastic ones instead.

Thursday, June 5, 2008 ~ 0 Comments

Back to pencils

Much better. Although I seem to have drawn this rather small, you can't tell from the post.

Anyway, a proper flour sifter - most seem to work with some sort of squeeze mechanisim instead of a side handle, which is very tiring if you're trying to sift 8 cups of flour for molasses cookies.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008 ~ 0 Comments

File under aggravating

Not the crockpot - the crockpot is lovely. Just the right size for J. and me, works well, pot comes out for cleaning - all good.

No, it's the charcoal pencils I used for drawing it that are aggravating. Everytime I breathed, the picture smeared. The white charcoal was an interesting way to make highlights, but with everything else smearing all over the place, I couldn't even finish it off properly - I had charcoal on my hands, my pants, my face - I gave up. Back to pencils tomorrow.