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OK - it's a whisk. I love him because his whisk-ee parts are flat and he stands up in the pot instead of flopping over to one side, falling out, dropping on the floor and getting cheese sauce everywhere (that would be the voice of experience...).

Anyway, I mostly use him (why are all my kitchen utensils male? Do I even WANT to know the answer to that question?) to make cheese sauce for J.'s favorite - macaroni and cheese. Do you want the recipe? Of course you do!!!

Start by boiling a big pot of water and tossing in a cup (or two) or macaroni. Let it cook while you make the cheese sauce.

Take some butter - about a spoonful. A big spoonful. Melt it on fairly high heat (but not too high, or you'll scorch it). Add an equal amount of flour. Whisk for a minute or so. Turn down the heat a bit so you don't burn it. Keep whisking while you add enough milk. Maybe a cup. Or two. Depends on how much butter you started with.

Grate up some cheese. I use the old nippy that comes in a plastic tub and a bit of old cheddar. You'll need enough to make the sauce cheesy - whisk it in, if it's not enough, add some more. Too much is better than not enough.

Whisk until the sauce is... sauce-like. Whatever that is for you. Turn it off and let it sit while you drain the macaroni and dump it in an oven safe dish. Add enough sauce to make a soupy mixture, and top with a half and half mixture of bread crumbs and old cheddar. Put in a 350 oven and bake until the top bubbles or your sweetie comes home from work - whichever is longer.

OK, so I'm not Martha (I'm not even "Not Martha" who is much funnier). Whatever.

J. likes it, so it's all good.