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owl. I've been on a real owl kick recently - I've been drawing all sorts in my sketchbook, so I thought I'd add to the fun here. This may be the first stuff animal I ever made. He's a bit lumpy, and the eyes are crooked.

I think I had a pair of pants made out of the same material.

Nothing says the 70's like gaudy crimplene.

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    Karen April 29, 2009 at 9:02 AM Permalink

    I did something radical last night. I gave one of my students who is expecting her first baby my favourite doll that your mom made for me. It hurt to give her away, but I know Sam and her husband Brad and their new baby girl Ochre, when she arrives, will love that doll. I think she might be the type to give it back when I get pregnant (fingers crossed it still happens). XOXOX I should ask Sam to photograph the doll, so I can still have her in some small way. Or I may borrow her and photograph her. I was very moved by that gift. I have been very moved by your generous gestures of friendship. You are a treasure. I am so happy for you. DRAW!