Monday, June 29, 2009 ~ 0 Comments

Borrowed things

As mentioned in the previous posting - I seem to have a shortage of irregularly shaped objects. I never really thought of myself as... symmetrical... before. But objects don't lie - I had to borrow stuff from J. to create the next two series of illustrations.

This one starts off with a stuffed bagpipe player (a gift to J. from my Aunt), and a silver deer (another gift, from his friend R.) And the strange triangle shape in the middle?

A baseball glove.

What, you couldn't tell?

Oh, and the deer's head hasn't exploded - he's wearing a large evergreen wreath.

Perhaps I need to find some things that are a bit LESS irregular.

I'll see what else J. has. Apparently all I have are books, and that's a completely different drawing exercise.